We Are Owls was dreamt up by three creatures of the night who always put fashion and art in the same sentence. Our collections go beyond accessorizing or practicality to become a reflection of emotions. 
Like the nocturnal owl, we find ourselves awake at all hours of the night. The night is our inspiration. It is when wild hearts give themselves away, when the mischievous seek refuge and the innocents go to sleep. Beneath the stars, we become poets, philosophers, lovers and dreamers.
Under this blanket of darkness, we write our stories as original illustrations hand printed on the finest of cashmere yarns. Each season is an opportunity for a new set of reveries to soar. Take flight with us.



Nickname: MaoMao

Background: Fashion Design & Illustration

Horoscope: Scorpio

Essentials: Love & Money

Color: Blue

Food: Ramen

Fav Decade: 70s

Superpower: Invisibility


Nickname: Peanut

Background: Fashion Design, Buying & Sales

Horoscope: Libra

Essentials: Mochi (My Yorkie)

Color: Crimson

Food: Fries

Fav Decade: 20s

Superpower: Flight


Nickname: Conster

Background: Graphic Design & Advertising

Horoscope: Gemini

Essentials: Hat, Glasses, Camera, Food

Color: Black

Food: Cheese

Fav Decade: 60s

Superpower: Mind Control

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