Posted: Aug 23 2010

“As Fall approaches, nothing is more essential than the perfect scarf. Neutral colors always work best, but it is more fun to buy one in a funky print that will not only serve its purpose of keeping your neck warm, but also brighten your spirits as the days grow increasingly colder.

We Are Owls is a new scarf line that combines function with a playful spirit. The line’s first collection is debuting for Fall 2010, but the designs and prints are far from amateur. Ling Chen is the mind behind the company. She is a native New Yorker and started honing her skills in Fashion Design and Illustration at the world-renowned Parsons School of Design. The line’s name comes from her obsession with owls: the way they visualize the world and their nocturnal and mysterious, yet beautiful nature.

The scarves echo something dark and supernatural with skull and skeleton motifs, but for every dark piece there is one that is bright and animated. Aside from the alluring prints, they are made of top-notch cashmere yarns, soft to the touch and perfect for all-day wear.

We Are Owls is truly bringing something unique to accessories this season, blending function and art seamlessly and effortlessly.” —POSHGLAM

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